Dean Speech

ali-muhammadAssalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

Welcome to the official website of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) of Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta (UMY). FISIPOL is one of the oldest faculties of UMY, and it encompasses three departments accredited ‘A’.

FISIPOL attempts to become an excellent Islamic faculty as the same as UMY’s tagline, ‘Unggul dan Islami’, by providing international standard education, and to create international-qualified alumni who are valuable for community. To bring world class university into reality, FISIPOL affords two international programs, namely International Program of International Relation (IPIREL) and International Program of Governmental Studies (IGOV). FISIPOL also cooperates with Indonesian and overseas parties like conducting joint international seminars, student exchange, visiting lecture, and international community service.

This official website can be accessed for further information of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of UMY.