Ketua KOMAHI UMY 2016/2017, Wita Agil Ananda

Ketua KOMAHI UMY 2016/2017, Wita Agil Ananda (Dok. pribadi)

Wita Agil Ananda was elected as the chairman of the International Relations Students Corps (KOMAHI) Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta (UMY) in the period 2016/2017. Agil elected as chairman during the implementation of a large consultation KOMAHI UMY implemented from the date of November 14 to 21, 2016.

“Alhamdulillaah after a long debate, I was given the mandate to become chairman of KOMAHI UMY period 2016/2017,” Agil said when met on Tuesday (22/11/2016).

The man who came from Yogyakarta also has vision and mission related to what he would do as the chairman of KOMAHI UMY this period. One of that is to build a sense of belonging among members KOMAHI UMY.

“I and we certainly will be assisted another to build a sense of belonging to this organization. Because the organization is not confined to the board, but also belonging to members. Members who? All students actively HI UMY,” Agil said. He continued, all members can take an advantage from KOMAHI UMY to help if there are any certain events that require coordination with the BEM faculty or the department.

Then, according to him, one of his vision is familiarizing KOMAHI between board members. “I want no more distance between management and members. One way is if met give some greeting to each other. With little things like that, we can get along between management and members,” said Agil.

Separately, the chairman of KOMAHI UMY 2015/2016 period, Muhammad Afkar Abdillah hoping to Agil to be able to hold the mandate as chairman KOMAHI with full responsibility. “I hope Agil will keep the spirit until the end, hopefully with high morale of all the work done properly,” said Afkar.

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