Malam Puncak Ikom Bravery Competition 2016. (Yusuf paling kiri) Dok. Pribadi

Malam Puncak Ikom Bravery Competition 2016. (Yusuf paling kiri) Dok. Pribadi

Ease to access information in the openness era is often misused by the public, including the use of social media. Although in the virtual world, everyone should have good manners and should not be doing things that should not be done. That idea brought Yusuf Harfi, students of Communication Studies Social and Political Sciences Faculty Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta become a champion in Ikom Bravery writing Competition 2016 with the theme Transformation of Culture held at the University of Telkom, Bandung in some time ago.

According to him, the level of manners young people in Indonesia in social media very alarming. “One of example is when a case of Ahok sticking to the public. Many people, especially young people are on invective and insults on social media. Although they dont understand what the problem is, “said Yusuf.

Decreased levels of manners on social media, said Yusuf, caused by the more easily obtained information. “Now all of any information, anytime and anywhere is very easy to get. Society is too facilitated and spoiled by it all that makes them swept up and forget they also have to maintain the politeness to other people, “said Yusuf.

He hopes the public and especially young people can know and understand to what social media was created. “I hope before taking technology and social media, they understand first the technology was created for. Do the objectives originally created to facilitate communication, even to insult each other, “added Joseph.

For information, Ikom Bravery Competition 2016 is an annual event held by the Student Association of Communication Sciences University of Telkom. Inside are various competitions, such as article writing contest, citizen journalists competition, and a photography competition.

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