Bambang Wahyu Nugroho as the Vice Dean of Student Affairs, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences opened Lecture Intensive Al-Islam (KIAI) on Monday (10/17/2016) in Unires Putri. The opening of this fourth wave KIAI attended by male students majoring in Communication Studies and Governmental Studies, amounting to around 125 students.
In his opening speech, Bambang said that this KIAI is one form of responsibility in achieving the vision UMY Excellence and Islamic. “If only excellence UMY been achieved by the acquisition of accreditation A. Then to achieve its Islamic, students educated with one of this KIAI,” said Bambang.
This KIAI, said Bambang, could mobilize and strengthen commanding the good and forbidding unjust. In addition, KIAI also one of UMY contribution in educating the nation Indonesia. “For students of Governmental Studies, it is hoped will be instrumental in the Indonesian political system. It can also create a policy and a wise decision and in accordance with the guidance of Islam,” said Bambang. Later, the students of Communication Studies either concentration public relations, broadcasting, and advertising, they are expected able to create media that can reflect the values of Islam.
Bambang also supports and appreciates KIAI because it could foster Islamic souls. “For students who had lived as santri are expected to pass on the spirit of its students to the other. Rather than vice versa, “said Bambang. In line with Bambang, chairman KIAI program from LPPI Miftahul Haq, said KIAI was very helpful and being a part of UMY in fulfilling the values of Islam so that it can be a character of students in UMY.
KIAI itself held for four nights and in the afternoon students can carry out the study as usual. There, the students will get a variety of religious materials such as the funeral prayers, evening prayers, purification, including practicing tahajjud. During follow KIAI, students accompanied by 14 facilitators of student education Ulama Tarjih Muhammadiyah.

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